What is Instagram and how to use it?

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Step by Step guide to use Instagram

Instagram needs no Introduction. We all breathe today in the age of the internet. Everyone wants to make their presence over the internet. This is where social media platforms introduce the salient features that drag the web traffic towards them. Instagram is one social networking app. This application is now vastly in use. Sharing Photos, innovative ideas, heart-ringing videos are the prime features that make the Instagram list among the favorite social networking website for users worldwide.

It is Free! Let’s Dive in

About 100 million users get to use the Instagram application on a daily basis. To stay on the list of top-ranking social networking sites, the introducers regularly updates the features and come up with new ones. So here are some tips that make you use Instagram like a pro. Remember it is a free application and so you can learn it with all your time. In this article, we are going to learn about what is Instagram how to use it?

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How to start up?

To register your name, an Instagram account is a must-have. You can either Sign-Up with your Facebook Account or instead provide an email address and set a password to access the account extensively. Display your profile picture to get recognition soon among your circle. Although Instagram is the biggest networking social application, not everyone is aware of its features. With the right tips, you can even steal your competitor’s followers.

Communicate with followers

Instagram has two different spheres of use. One is for business purpose and the next is for personal use. Setting up your profile accurately, you can focus upon the things you want to communicate with your followers. Once you are all set with your Instagram account, you must get active to stay up with your pictorial posts and videos every time. You must also browse through the bevvy of ideas that cover up the social networking application.

Learn the professional trend

Most of the time, you will find companies and brands use Instagram to promote their exclusive stories and features which is not available anywhere else. Similarly, you can follow your favourite section on Instagram with just a click on the Follow button. Following some popular brands will guide you in presenting your stuff in a much professional way to attract followers to your profile.

Link the Instagram with third-party sites

To outfit your Instagram account, you need to add a profile photo with a catchy biography and link it to your website if you are a professional looking for promotion of your brand. If you are just using Instagram for your personal likes, simply share videos and pictures to let your co-users to follow your posts. Link the Instagram account to other third-party sharing websites where you already have accounts.

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Use of hashtags

The tips for using hashtags and personal messaging are add-on features for Instagram users.  These features help to connect with your audience and help you grow with their support widely. For Business users, Instagram for Business blog is an added feature. If you have a travel blog then you should share your post to get traffic. Here you can announce and build your brand and promote business and inspire people with your success stories on your blog. The user sensation on this social networking application helps create a genuine connection of vast community.

Final Words

Instagram is a safe and committed platform in this competitive world where people and brands connect with each other through some pictures and videos. There is something here for everyone. This virtual world gives space to beginners as well as long-term users to dive in and discover new concepts and latest trends. Small businesses grow into bigger ones with incredible tech support and the latest online features. Rinse out old thoughts and start with Instagram feeds to create joy and happiness.

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