Benefits of Hiring the Quick Wasters for rubbish removal services in London


One out of five Londoners admit to have dumped waste improperly, in a habit known as fly tipping.  Well, over 366,087 cases of fly tipping were recorded in London alone between the years 2016-2017. Needless to say, fly tipping is a major crime that will see you get fined dearly, jailed, or both.

Here at Quick Wasters, we see ourselves as your best link to helping keep our city clean. We offer professional and affordable rubbish removal services. We’ve been doing this for the last couple of years and have only gotten better at it. Do you have any residential, office, or commercial rubbish that you want cleared?

Benefits of Hiring the Quick Wasters

Peace of mind

Quick Wasters for rubbish removal services in uk

Having loads of trash and rubbish in your home or office can be distressing, to say the least, not to forget the pests and stench that follow when rubbish has been left to accumulate. Relax and don’t break any sweat, Quick Wasters will clear all your rubbish and leave your area tidy and habitable.

No legal consequences

In 2017, an accountancy firm was fined £35,000 by a Magistrate for fly-tipping in Kingsbury, Middlesex.  This was the highest fine ever imposed to a company for fly tipping. Statistics indicate that out of the numerous fly-tipping investigations launched in England, over 98% almost end up in convictions. In other words, illegal waste disposal is a serious crime! Let Quick Wasters get this predicament off your back by safely handling all your rubbish removal needs.

Professionalism is ingrained in us

Benefits of Hiring the Quick Wasters for rubbish removal in London

Quick Wasters strives to serve you diligently and professionally at all times. Our customer care teams are polite and welcoming; our rubbish removal crews are courteous and trustworthy. They’ll work at your premises in silence, no swearing, vulgarities, or unnecessary shouting. Your next door neighbor wouldn’t even notice that there’s something on within your property.


Quick Wasters has built their reputation as an efficient rubbish removal company that does a thorough job. We have the tools and equipment required to clear any amount of rubbish from your premises. We’ll also do a cleanup of your driveway to ensure that we leave it tidier than we found it.

Fully licensed and insured

Hiring the Quick Wasters for rubbish removal services in London


We’re a fully licensed and insured rubbish removal company. Our crews are insured and you have nothing to worry about even when they’re handling bulky, hazardous rubbish.  We’re fully licensed to offer rubbish removal and disposal services in London.

Value for money

Some Skip hires and private waste removal companies will overcharge you for nothing. Others will go ahead and introduce some funny charges like loading fees, parking fees, and so on. With Quick Wasters, we’re always pleased to give you value for your money. No hidden costs, plus we do a thorough job knowing that that’s the only way to retain our clients. We offer a variety of services all under one roof, fairly priced rubbish removal.

Eco friendly

Did you know that Quick Wasters has some of the highest recycling rates of any rubbish removal company in London? Almost 80% of all the rubbish cleared from your home, office, or commercial property will end up in recycling plants.

There are numerous reasons you should consider hiring Quick Wasters for all your rubbish removal needs in London and the surrounding areas.  We have a load of experience and our prices are affordable. Look no further for all your rubbish removal needs in London.

Quick Wasters has you covered and the best thing is that we’re just a phone call away. Get in touch now via 0203 538 07 65 or 0800 567 7755.

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