Best Age Group for Speed Dating in London


When it comes to dating, people have various characteristics that they look for in a partner. Speed dating is a reliable way through which they get to meet a variety of single people from all over. Being a formalized process, speed dating allows single people to meet potential partners in a short period. During speed dating, women are usually seated at the tables while the men move from one table to the next. Being a quick-fire activity, you converse for a few minutes, usually three to eight minutes, with the prospective partners and choose those you desire to date.

But, What is the Best Age Group?

best age groups for speed dating in London

 Under the laws of the United Kingdom, none states the ideal age for a boyfriend-girlfriend relationship. However, regardless of the sexual orientation or gender of the partners, the law is clear that sixteen years is the consent age for any sexual activity. In London, there are various online speed dating sites that organize these activities. The events are set to cater to various age groups ranging from teen ages to older adults interested in meeting their perfect match. With London’s huge population, you will likely meet your perfect date during these speed dating events.

During these speed dating events in London; you get to meet and flirt with people around your age seeking to meet their better half. The following are the best age groups for speed dating in London;

16-19 Years Old

teenagers from 16 to 20

Sixteen years being the legal consent age for any sexual activity, teens going through their adolescence stage find it tremendous falling in love and having someone value them. At this age, teens are after having fun and finding someone who is outgoing and elevates their spirits. You can choose to either date a person around the same age group or older if you feel they are the ideal match for you.

20-29 Years Old

Having gone through the adolescence stage and graduated into early adulthood, you will be looking for someone you can build something long-term with. This is the stage where you are busy building your career. Finding someone who understands and supports your dreams should be your top search.

30-39 Years Old

Are you in this age group and feel like you are late finding your perfect match? No, you are not late. like you in this age group, there are as many people who are after getting that perfect someone for themselves. Under this group, you are pretty matured and may be looking for someone your age or younger to flirt with.

40-49 Years Old

age group from 40 to 49

Life begins at forty. Being under this age group, you get a chance to date people your age or younger. You have had a fair share of life, and you may be after someone mature or relatively young to flirt and go out with.

Over 50 Years Old

Sugar babies, sugar mummies, and sugar daddies have become a phenomenon under this age group. Older adults are dating young people to relive their younger lives. Although speed dating under this age group may not have traffic due to its quick-fire nature, it is worth giving it a try.

In Summary

As long as you have hit the legal consent age of sixteen years, you can sign up  London speed dating. Speed dating enables you to meet potential dates from many singles waiting to fall in love.






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