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Simply put, customer reviews are reviews on a product or service that a customer writes after purchasing or using a product/service from a company. This type of customer feedback is presented online and usually includes some form of text and a star rating.

The Different Ways Customers Can Review Your Brand

1. Text

One of the most common ways for consumers to review a business is through text. Writing a review is a simple and easy way for customers to express their thoughts and honest opinions on a particular product or service. These reviews can be short (just a few words) or even longer, consisting of multiple paragraphs. However, both potential customers and businesses would prefer to be presented with extensive reviews as more content and detail can better highlight the reasons someone is satisfied, or not, with their purchase and experience.


2. Image

A picture is worth a thousand words. Uploading an image of a product or completed service can depict the quality of the purchase. Instead of viewing a professional photograph, potential customers can visualize how their product or service might look like; thus, it creates greater social proof and transparency.

Usually, a picture is added with a written review to show further proof of their experience.

3. Video

Nowadays, consumers are usually more interested in visual rather than written content. Video reviews allow customers to speak their minds and show the product/service they bought. This option allows shoppers to summarise in just a few seconds their feedback and thoughts by just pressing a button.

Collections of video reviews can be found in social channels such as YouTube where users can search and listen to unbiased opinions on any possible product or service available.

4. Voice Message

This form of review is less likely to be used. However, having the choice to send a voice message rather than written text can always be useful. For instance, a consumer could want to record the audio of an event such as a concert. By providing this option, consumers can document and give a real insight into how their experience was.

5. Multimedia

The more, the better. Why make a customer choose between one of these types of reviews listed above when he or she has the option to use a variety of them? Presenting consumers with multimedia reviews reinforces the quality of the products/services you sell; consequently, they could be more tempted to visit your site and purchase from you.

Why Are Reviews Important to Customers?

People read reviews to gain insight into the possible shopping experience with a particular company. By reading past customer reviews, consumers can make informed purchasing decisions and learn what the real deal is about a company.

84% of consumers trust reviews as much as their friends and family. So, this feedbacks significantly influences consumer’s decisions as people want to view the star rating and the amount of positive and negative reviews displayed before purchasing.

Reviews are a fantastic way to empower consumers as it gives them the chance to speak their mind and give honest feedback. If a business is open to letting customers review their products or services, it shows that they are transparent and care about their opinions.

What Are Customer Reviews

Why Are Reviews Important to Businesses?

Reviews, if used wisely, can bring numerous benefits. Firstly, and most importantly, reviews can build and maintain your reputation and credibility as a business. By presenting customer feedback, customer trust is increased as they feel more comfortable when purchasing from you.

Also, as stated previously, reviews can influence consumer’s purchasing decisions. So, listening to what your customers have to say about your products or services, and acting upon them, can help you grow and become more visible online. Showing your customers you care can create loyalty and strengthen the relationship between the business and the consumer.

Importance of customer Reviews

However, requesting and replying to reviews can be difficult as businesses do not have the time or tools to maintain this customer-based dialogue. In truth, it can be quite overwhelming; 50% of professionals say they would like to put more effort into their online reputation but, they are not able due to the lack of time they have.

Thus, having automated feedback requests to send once a customer has purchased a product or service can save precious time. Likewise, having a selection of automated replies per star rating creates a more personal journey for your customers as it shows that you care about their opinions.

Moreover, 77% of consumers would be willing to leave a review if a business asked. So, you know the efforts and capital you’d put in wouldn’t go to waste.

More Engagement →  More Visibility →  More Sales

Gaining Social Proof for Marketing

Social proof can make you stand out from your competition for three different reasons. Firstly, Google Quality Rater holds content as one of the most important ranking considerations. So, the more reviews and other content you have, the better your SEO ranking will be in the long-term. Secondly, social proof strengthens customer trust as individuals can read reviews and make more informed purchasing decisions. Finally, businesses, through customer feedback, can learn and improve and thus exceed their customer’s expectations.

At Psydro, we know how vital reviews are for the success of your business. That’s why we offer a service that provides the necessary equipment to automate this business growth tool for you. Our Automated Feedback Requests and Replies features will facilitate your journey to gain reviews and respond to them; emitting a personal touch to your customers every single time.

customer Reviews

We also know that consumers always want to make the right decision when purchasing a new product or service. That’s why we have created a service where users can interact with each other. Being the world’s first social review platform, we have created a space where users can message each other and learn the real deal about a company. People follow people and your customer’s voice can become your most powerful marketing asset if you know how to take advantage of it.


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