COVID-19 Is the Push British People Needed to Go Self-employed

The corona pandemic has impacted everyone’s lives – both personally and professionally. COVID-19 has made the British people stop and think about just how satisfied they are with their jobs and for the most part, it’s making them consider starting their own businesses.

IONOS SE wants to know why and conducted a study asking 500 British people about their satisfaction at work. The study was conducted in July 2021 with a 50/50 split of female and male participants. The ebook ‘British Dreams and Wishes: A Business Survey’ details the most important results. 

The ebook summarised

The IONOS study explored:

  • The occupational situation of the Brits
  • The hopes and fears when starting up
  • COVID-19 and its influence on self-employment
  • The importance of digitisation when starting a business

The pandemic has inspired new business ideas

You’d think that during COVID-19 pandemic has increased the need for permanent jobs. After all, isn’t being employed more secure? It seems not. For 40% of the participants, self-employment is now more attractive than ever. It turns out that being able to rely on yourself rather than your employer is much more important when it comes to earning money. New business opportunities have risen, and it looks like the British people are jumping at them.

The pandemic has inspired new business ideas

The pandemic has certainly led to change in the British people’s attitudes to self-employment and the importance of digitisation increased massively. Even the industries in which people want to start up have changed. It seems that the pandemic has sparked new ideas that would have never been thought of before.

What stops the British from starting up?

What stops the British from starting up

Only a small number of Brits take the plunge and venture into self-employment – yet the desire to start up amongst citizens is high. So what is holding them back? IONOS SE explored and found:

  • 41.3% are held back due to financial reasons
  • 40.7% are still working on their business idea
  • 36% are worried about the lack of security that comes with starting up

Download the free ebook and find out what support the participants feel would help them in starting a business, and other interesting facts from the study.

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