How To Style Streetwear to be Trendy in London?

Manuela Willbold

Streetwear is a unique and complex trend, especially in the fashion capital of London. Knowing how to style it correctly is something that most people struggle to get right the first time.

With a history steeped in the 80s/90s hip hop and skate culture in America, there are many different styles and looks that can be created with just a few key pieces.

But streetwear is many people’s go-to trend for the fact that it’s a unique mixture of comfort and style.

The number of people looking for tailored fashion pieces is on a sharp decline, fuelled by the loungewear trend favoured during lockdown that most people haven’t wanted to shake.

With that in mind, let’s look at how to style streetwear and keep up with the latest trends.

Choose Luxury Fabrics

choose-luxury-fabrics-to-style-streetwear-to-be-trendy-in-londonUntil recently, streetwear fabric was heavy-duty and long-lasting – after all, it was initially adopted by skateboarders who didn’t want to be afraid of ripping their jeans or getting a hole in their sleeves when taking a tumble – as well as non-restrictive. It was baggy and shapeless, which is why so many people loved it.

Since then, it has been reworked numerous times by different designers who have taken inspiration straight from the skate park and redesigned timeless pieces, think hoodies, cargo pants, and trainers, into pieces that you’d be too worried about getting a bit scuffed.

Although fabrics typically remain thick, just like they originally were, they are much more luxe now, with softer fabrics and a higher cotton count. Fabrics used for luxury streetwear pieces are now much more premium and long-lasting for the typical wearer.

Don’t Follow The Crowd

don’t-follow-the-crowd-to-style-streetwear-to-be-trendy-in-londonWhen it comes to youth culture, the hype is everything. It can make or break everything from outfit choices to the latest must-have social media item. For many brands, their instant recognition is their currency, so when it comes to streetwear, choosing pieces that peers will instantly recognise is the strategy for many wearers.

Brands such as Supreme, Yeezy, and Off White are all big names, but remember that name trends come and go. The best approach to take when it comes to streetwear is to keep these big names in mind but go with what you feel most comfortable in and what you think works for your individual style.

One of the best tips with branded streetwear is to invest in pieces that have no or inconspicuous logos and avoid pieces that have huge motifs that are hard to hide. This means that you can create a staple, capsule wardrobe of pieces that are easy to mix and match to create stylish looks.

Start From The Bottom Upwards

start-from-bottom-upwards-to-style-streetwear-to-be-trendy-in-londonIn streetwear, the shoes often make the outfit. But this can be a tricky area to navigate. A lot of loyal streetwear fans will invest in every trainer drop and, as they are now so frequent, this means that you’re left with a collection of trainers that don’t quite match your style, leaving you out of pocket and out of style.

Instead of paying over the odds for each trainer release, look to invest in staple trainer designs that you can take in and out of each season without compromising on the latest trends or hottest styles. Look to favour premium materials and brands over fast fashion and quick releases and avoid investing too much in the trend of “ugly dad trainers” with adornments or unusual shapes, as these won’t be around forever.

Don’t Forget Women’s Streetwear

don’t-forget-women’s-streetwear-to-style-trendy-in-londonWhen it comes to streetwear, a lot of focus is put on men’s fashion and design, but many people forget that women’s streetwear has come a huge way in recent years. A lot of women’s fashion & clothing is now centered around the latest streetwear trends, but with a feminine twist.

One of the reasons why women’s streetwear is doing so well is simply due to it being more accessible. Women are no longer having to style or tailor men’s streetwear pieces to fit them, instead, it is being designed and created especially for women and their body shapes and sizes, no matter what that may be. Around 47% of all collective women’s streetwear releases and new products are selling out on the first launch, which goes to show just how big of trend streetwear really is.

Staples such as sweatpants, cycle shorts, baggy tees, and hoodies form the capsule collection for most women’s streetwear ranges and these items lend themself to a whole range of dress codes, from smart casual to gym wear, and it’s down to this adaptability that makes women’s streetwear so successful. Whether heading to a brunch with the girls or doing an intense workout in the garden, streetwear gives women the confidence to go out and do what they need to do, all whilst looking good and feeling comfortable.

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