4 Ways For Beauty Lovers in London To Save Money

save money for beauty lovers in London

For people who love beauty, it can be an expensive hobby, especially if you live in pricey London.

So, we have put together a list of four ways that beauty lovers can save money!

These simple tips can be taken advantage of by anyone, helping you to save plenty of money over time whilst also trying out new beauty and makeup products.

Sounds good? Let’s find out more…

1. Volunteer As Product Tester

volunteer-as-product-tester-for-in-london-to-save-moneyMany beauty brands hire a panel of product testers, who get sent their newest products once they have cleared all the testing phases and are completely safe to use. Testers will be asked to evaluate products and give feedback before they are sold to the public. A lot of the brands that do this will send you the products to your home where you can complete the evaluation in peace!

You can be sent all sorts of items, from skincare to hair products and makeup. This is such a great opportunity to try out new products as you might find your new beauty essentials, plus it’s free. Some brands may even pay you on top of the free products or send you additional products to make use of. As you gradually build up your testing portfolio, you could work with larger brands eventually which would be amazing as you could potentially begin to earn money online by sharing your reviews on Instragram and other social media channels or via a blog! You can discover how the top UK influencers do it already to be inspired.

2. Buy Palettes Instead of Individuals

buy-palettes-for-beauty-lovers-in-london-to-save-moneyAnother great tip when it comes to saving money as a beauty lover is to choose palettes over individual products. When you buy individual products like eyeshadows, cream contour, or highlighters, it can be very expensive. However, if you buy highlighter or eyeshadow palettes containing a range of different products, you will get a much better variety and it is so much more cost effective.

As long as you will use the majority of the shades in the palette you buy, this is definitely worth it. If you aren’t sure whether you will use a few of the shades, this is a great opportunity to push your creativity and try something new.

3. Recycle Makeup Packaging

recycle-makeup-packaging-for-beauty-lovers-in-london-to-save-moneyMany different beauty brands offer rewards schemes if you hold onto their empty packaging, as it can then be recycled by them, helping the planet, and saving them money. So, it is always worth doing your research to see if your favourite brands offer this. Mac is one example, where you can return any 6 pieces of primary packaging and get a free lipstick in return. There is plenty of information available online about the different green companies that offer more eco-friendly products, so it is certainly worth looking into!

4. Look For Dupes

look-for-dupes-for-beauty-lovers-in-london-to-save-moneyA simple way to save money as a beauty lover is to look for dupes. A makeup dupe is a cheaper makeup product that is very similar in every way to more expensive products, in terms of texture, consistency and shade. This helps people to access high-end quality without the price tag. Many different bloggers specialise in finding the best dupes for makeup lovers, so if you simply type in your favourite makeup product followed by “dupes” in your search query, you should find a cheaper alternative!

Many YouTubers also create videos where they use very expensive makeup products on one side of their face and the cheaper dupes on the other side. It really is hard to tell which side is which, proving how effective the cheaper products can be. You can try out new products without the designer price tag!

Final Thoughts

You don’t have to spend a fortune as a beauty lover in London looking for beauty and cosmetic treatments and products, because there are lots of different options out there that can help you to get products for cheaper or even completely free! It could also give you the opportunity to get creative with new beauty and cosmetic treatments and products you might not have tried otherwise and you may even generate an income from your beauty passion. Many beauty and aesthetic London clinics may also look for influencers or testers, so reach out to them.

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