6 Effective Ways To Protect Your Health Living in London

Manuela Willbold

Living in London is an extremely fast-paced lifestyle for many people, and it can be difficult to prioritise your health.

So, we are here to give you a few simple tips to help you take control, look after yourself and stay as healthy as possible.

From exercise to diet and wellbeing tips, get ready to feel revitalised!

1. Walk Where Possible

walk-where-possible-to-protect-your-health-living-in-londonOur first tip is that you should walk where possible. London is a very big place as we’re sure you’ll know, so walking everywhere is impossible. However, if you work a desk job and are sitting down for hours on end throughout the day, it is important that you make the effort to get your steps in to ensure healthy circulation of the blood.

If you get the tube to work, get off a couple of stops early so you have a good 15-minute walk to start your day. This will also give you the chance to clear your mind before starting work! Use part of your lunch break to go out for a walk and then on your way home, get on a couple of stops after where you usually would. Make the most of the weekends and the beautiful city you are living in with long walks. If you’re meeting up with friends for coffee, walk as far as you can!

Short walks might not seem like they do a lot, but they really do add up and small walking breaks are excellent for your mind as well as your body.

2. Meal Prep

use-meal-prep-to-protect-your-health-living-in-londonIt can be all too tempting to order food for lunch at work or when you get home after a busy day, but over time, this will have quite a significant impact on your health unless you are making healthy choices. So, we would definitely recommend trying meal prep. For those of you who are short on time, you can order low-calorie meal prep to your home so that you have really healthy and nutritious meals on hand that you know are great for you.

If you have a few hours to spare on a Sunday, then put a plan together, go shopping, and prep your lunches for the week. This way, you have nutritionally balanced meals all ready to go for the week and you only have to worry about cooking over the weekend!

Meal prep, whether you are doing it yourself or ordering from a company, is a great way to make healthy choices.

3. Take Trips Out of Town

take-trips-out-of-town-to-protect-your-health-living-in-londonWhilst the hustle and bustle of London can be very exciting, it isn’t always great for your mental health. So, when you can, take yourself lightly outside of London on the train and enjoy some countryside and greenery or the most stunning beaches and seaside towns. You could head to Lavenham in Suffolk, Shere in Surrey, Finchingfield in Essex, or Castle Hedingham which are all really beautiful small villages surrounded by breathtaking greenery where you can fully relax.

Having some proper fresh air every now and again is really good for you and your mental health, so it should be a priority in your routine.

4. Try Out The Unique Gym Classes

try-out-unique-gym-classes-to-protect-your-health-living-in-londonOne of the benefits of living in London is all of the fun things you have on your doorstep, which includes weird and wonderful gym classes for you to try out! From classes that teach you pro-wrestling to pole dancing, sightseeing canoeing, trampolining, raving, puppy or naked yoga and even dating exercise classes, you have a lot to try.

Check out a new London gym with one of your friends to try a new class each week until you find something you really enjoy. Make sure not to miss out on corporate gym membership discounts, if you have access to such.

5. Cycle Around The City

cycle-around-the-city-to-protect-your-health-living-in-londonIf you’re not a big fan of walking, then you should cycle around the city! Santander Cycles are available across the city, with 800 docking stations and 12,000 bikes to choose from. This is a very affordable and healthy way to make your way across the city. London is constantly becoming a better city for cyclists, by creating 450km of new cycle lanes by 2024! Plus, cycling around London is really fun, just read a few safety tips beforehand to make sure you are following the rules and staying safe.

6. Take Time To Switch Off

take-time-to-switch-off-to-protect-your-health-living-in-londonAnother thing you need to make sure you are prioritising is taking the time to switch off. Life in London is busy and can be stressful, so making time to fully unwind is really important for your mental and physical health. This might be going for a nice long walk in the park over the weekend, going for a coffee on your own or with a friend, go buy your favourite beauty products, heading to the cinema or going for a swim. Everyone feels relaxed when doing different things, so find what works for you and take the time to prioritise yourself. This might only be a few hours a week, but once you start doing it, you will feel so much better as a result.

Final Thoughts

There are so many benefits to working in London, but you need to make sure you are looking after yourself to avoid burning out! Treat yourself every now and then, which London offers plentiful opportunities for with luxury hotels offering relaxation treatments and much more.

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