How To Successfully Rebrand Without Losing Your Loyal Audience

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Recent years have been unpredictable and have caused a lot of change in the world, especially with the economy and businesses.

You may have noticed that after a period of time, you may have noticed that brands will change upgrade their brand name, logo, image, or views to change the appeal and give a fresher look.

Rebranding should not be rushed, for a successful rebrand, it takes time and money, and it can also jeopardize your reputation, so really think about whether the benefits outweigh the risks and whether you can afford to take these risks.

This article will go through how to rebrand without losing your deposit.

What Should You Consider For Rebranding?

what-to-consider-for-rebranding-without-losing-loyal-audienceIf your business is changing strategy or are wanting to explore different positions within your market, rebranding can be a good step to take. Before anything, you should evaluate whether this strategy can give you the outcome that you need.

Rebranding may be needed for these reasons:

  • Reposition the business in the market and address shifting demands.
  • It can help to attract your preferred target market.
  • Cater to management change after a merger or acquisition.
  • When a merger or acquisition happens, a rebrand can give new life to a business.
  • Rebuild reputation or to better reflect the business.
  • Rebranding can help to reduce bad reputation by giving a fresh start.
  • To compete in a new or changing market.
  • Businesses need to adapt to trends and adopt shifts in the market.

Clearly Outline Rebranding Goals

clearly-outline-rebranding-goals-to-successfully-rebrand-without-losing-audienceOne of the main things you should do when thinking about rebranding is to identify your goals for the rebrand. This is key as if you are just wanting to rebrand for the sake of it or are wanting a new image, then you won’t get far as you need the rebrand to do something for the business. Instead, what you need to do is sit down and think about what you want to achieve with the rebrand. There are many goals to achieve in a business and a rebrand can help to raise profits and align your business with your target audience. You might also want to decide whether you want to focus on the eCommerce side of things, print, or preferably for maximum success! This is an essential part of the rebrand, so take your time.

Work With A Design Agency

work-with-a-design-agency-to-successfully-rebrand-without-losing-audienceOnce you have decided on your goals for your rebrand, it’s now time to get some help from the professionals at a branding and design agency as these are the people who will help you reach your goals. Rebranding can cause a loss in existing customers and can also cause people to lose faith in a brand, so it makes sense that you only want to rebrand once.

If you don’t get it right, then customers can feel detached from a brand resulting in a loss of customers. Working with some of the best talents in the industry is highly recommended so opting for a design agency Leeds based will give you all the experienced designers you need for a successful rebrand. These agencies can help you to create packaging, typography, colors, and everything else you need.

Create A Style Guide

create-a-style-guide-to-successfully-rebrand-without-losing-audienceWhen you want to successfully rebrand your business, have a style guide set up so that it helps to guide you through the rebranding process. The style guide is basically a rulebook that a business should follow as it tells you how you want your brand to be represented in terms of logo design, languages, colors, fonts, tone of voice and everything else you feel needs to be represented in a brand. The brand style guide will have everything you and your team need to rebrand successfully and represent how it looks, feels, and sounds.

Once the style guide is complete, it is time to share it with the whole of your employees to help them understand the direction you are wanting to go with the business. This will enable people to read the style guide, prepare for the change and create a brand-led culture. This in turn makes the business and brand uniform and aligns everyone with the business. To get the response you want from your employees, hold a conference where you can allow people to give their opinions and ask questions.

Involve Your Audience In The Process

involve-your-audience-in-the-process-to-successfully-rebrandAs discussed earlier, rebranding can result in a loss of existing customers, especially if you haven’t informed anyone that you are rebranding as nobody will know who you are. It is well known that if you rebrand, your existing customers can feel distanced. To remedy this, you should keep your audience updated about your new products, services, and any changes on social media.

To keep existing customers happy, give them a voice by sending out questionnaires about the rebrand. To persuade them to fill in the form, you could offer a discount code or put them in a prize draw when the rebrand launches. This is best to do at the idea stage so their opinions can be heard and had a real conversation about them. You can also engage in media interviews about your new brand to create more awareness. This will make your customers feel more valued.

Follow these steps for a successful rebrand without losing your loyal audience while gaining new customers.

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