Things To Consider Before Hiring a Virtual Magician


Most magicians are used to performing on stage. Their charm and persona are what steals the show. Virtual concerts are to them, and many of them haven’t tried magic virtually. So the magicians all around the globe have to learn new ways of performing virtually.

Things to Consider Before Hiring a Virtual Magician

1. Magician’s Behavior

Magician Behavior

No doubt magicians are charming on stage but know whether they are the same behind the scene too. Not just because his code of conduct might run the party vibes, but because it might cause the audience to lose interest in what he does on stage. A friendly, lively, and engaging magician is perfect to keep the audience thrilled.

2. Quality of performance

Quality of Performance

You must check what other magicians are charging for doing the same thing. Maybe you find somebody who is better and offers better prices. The level of performance, and how impressive his work are what holds the most importance. He must be able to perform for different age groups and the performance should be clean and safe.

3. Popularity


Another important factor we have to check before we hire a magician is to check his popularity. How well do his shows do and what is the reaction he gets from his clients. Usually, the more popular he is the more he charges. However, if you are inviting guests over for a party and are looking for a magician, it is best to hire him only if you have seen his work previously.

4. Customer Feedback

Make sure to check what the clients have said about the magician. The magician’s behavior, his team, and the performance. If there are any complaints, what are they and will they make a difference to you? It is important to collect the reviews before hiring the magician.

5. Audience

Not all magicians perform for children. Some of the top magicians have their own shows and work a lot on their performances that adults will understand and enjoy better. For kid’s magic shows, it is best to hire magicians who are good with kids. Charming magicians don’t do well with kids.

6. Location


It is important for magicians to know where they are performing. A lot of their tricks depend on the lighting and the crowd that they are performing for. Performing at a wedding is different from performing at a kid’s party. Larger rooms with big stages will have a more grand performance. While small rooms or virtual kids’ magic shows will have a relatively lower budget.

Final Thoughts

Hiring a good magician is a tough job. It is easy to flow with the magic that they show but you can be sure if your guests would like it to. So it is important that we don’t neglect important parts that contribute to putting up a good magic show. You can also check out Virtual Happy Hour Entertainment.

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