About is Anchor Text and How to optimize it?


What is Anchor Text and its Optimization?

Anchor Text usually appears in different colors and often underlined. Anchor text is in clickable option. Anchor text  will describe the article being linked and the visitors can able to click the link that will bring them to a website. The search engine will also understand that the linked article is relevant because the anchor text and URL correlate.

For example: If you were to link to some particular article, you might use the anchor/link text like “What is anchor text? “. Like this, you have to link this is known as Anchor text. So that the reader can able to view the link and able to get more information. This also helps to stay the visitors more time on our website, which will help to get a high rank in the search engine result page.

There are different kinds of Anchor text they are

definition of anchor text

Brand links – When you link with your brand name as an anchor text. When you notice your backlink audit, there is one of the steps to enter the variation of your brand name, by the information the user has to find how many of your backlinks use branded anchors. Her is the simple example if your link is linked to Eg: “Amazon” blogger post with the anchor text ”Best Buy” is a branded anchor.

The URL itself – The complete URL needs domain names and protocols.  It is a complete URL as the anchor text. A website without a text and not that is not helpful in most instances. Eg: https://www.amazon.in/.

Site name – Written as amazon.in. Google can able to understand the site name as an anchor text because the exact match of the anchor text and the name of the site is the same so that Google read the page easily. It will bring the page rank for our website.

anchor text code

Article site – Exactly matching the article like “What is anchor text?”. We can give related to the article which it presents. When we give anchor text as like the article the Google will bring the visitors to that particular article page.

Exact Keywords – Have to focus on the keyword as the anchor text. Eg: “link building”. Google keyword matches the type and it allows us to show our ad when a searcher types the phrase you are bidding on or exact word. The exact match keyword in Google Adwords will close variant of your keyword or search query perfectly matched.

Partially matching keywords – Have to use variants of your targeted keyword to make a readable link. It is matched one or more characters at the end of the text input, and also not match all of the regular words. Eg: “best tool for SEO”.

Related Keywords – Not an exact match but a key phrase or keyword that is closely related to the main one. Related keywords are normal in all the websites. It also helps to find the website. Eg: “Anchor text definition”. When you need to know about “Anchor text” you can search by definition of anchor text or anchor text definition. Related keywords that are mentioning that somewhat the content is related to the site.

anchor text definition

Generic links – Generic links are the link that is the type of the backlink like the words website or Clicks here, Read more, visit this page these like anchor text will link to another page. It provides less information about the page that you are linking. You have to tell people what the link is about by linking the Generic links.

Anchor text will help the search engines and users decide whether a link is worth visiting the website.

How to optimize anchor text

Anchor text

Search engines do not like that many backlinks will have optimized anchor texts so don’t over-optimized. So that the site may be penalized by Google or too many keywords optimized.

Here are some of the best practices for anchor text optimization

Keep in natural and versatile – Google includes links and their associated anchor text, so you need to provide real value to users.

Avoid over-optimization – overly rich anchor texts are not appreciated by Google.

Keep anchors relevant to content – Google needs to understand the actual meaning of the web page content so we have to keep the anchors related to the content.

Engage in relevant guest blogging – It is one of the keywords, blogging campaigns, cost-efficient guests, or any healthy anchor text cloud for that matter.

Avoid links from and linking to spammy sites – We should not build links from low-quality sites.

Distribute anchors in the right proportions  – Have to avoid stuffing your anchor text with partial match and exact match keywords by all means. The name of the website as an anchor text is allowed by Google and other search engines.

Focus anchors on deep level pages – The main mistake of the beginner is professionals make it focusing the anchors they build on top-level pages, landing pages, mainly placing links to a homepage and even concrete product pages.

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