How to Stay Secure On a Public Wi-Fi


How to Stay Safe on Public Wi-Fi Networks

Connecting to any public Wifi Networks can be risk-taking if the documents on phone are not protected. To sign up on a private WiFi, it only takes a few moments for a hacker to unlock your phone and hack the system. So, be very careful and learn about the processes quite well.

Protecting your connection with a VPN is one of the proven and safe ways to browse in a public WiFi network when complimentary WIFi is convenient. You must keep up with your data and browse it in a secure way.

Here are some tips that help you to secure the connection when you are using a Public WiFi.

Verify the network and enable browsing

Stay Secure On a Public Wi-Fi

First, you should verify the network and then proceed with your configuration. Free WiFi is available in the shopping malls, coffee shops, libraries, public transport, hotel rooms, libraries, and many other places. In a current survey, three out of five users suggest using a protected networking system while using a public Wifi network and then turn your sharing option.

Beware and stay away from Hackers

Hackers can be on the same network and the ultimate objective is to stay in connection by making the public networks one of the excellent targets. Gaining entry to the target WiFi, hackers can deploy tactics to control all the data and information over their own network. Ways become easier when it is about the hacking of a public internet connection. Cybercriminals make use of the Man-In-the-Middle (MITM) technique to perform all the crimes.

Encrypt the traffic with VPN

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Try to use a VPN to encrypt the traffic of the data and then act as a protected tunnel between the client and the main server. Here the client is the Browser. Every data passing through the tunnel would not ever be visible to the hackers as they would not be able to access the information and also cannot track the activities that you perform online. A good VPN masks your IP with their IP address from different locations except for the right one. This misguides the hacker.

Visit websites only with HTTPs

Even when you are browsing on the public networking websites, you must only prefer visiting the websites with the HTTP address bars. creates opportunities for more tech blogs to assist you in topics like these. This is safe to use in a way as hackers can employ to track your data and information over the internet. Your browsing will be safe from eavesdropping or tampering. Most websites make use of the Padlock system to show that the website uses encryption and you are safe on the network.

Enable using Firewall

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If you enable the firewall, you can prevent hackers from getting into unauthorized and external access to the system. The strategy of the firewall is to act as a barrier and protect the device from any kind of data-based malware threats. Together it actively monitors the data packets on the networks.

Final Words

Usually, we turn off the firewall due to unnecessary pop-ups. Move on to Control Panel to restart the processes and being a Mac user, try out the System preference Tab to enable protection to your device. Stay safe and browse on public wifi with security always. For the latest updates stay tuned here and enjoy.

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