5 Fun and Healthy Date Ideas If You Live In London

Manuela Willbold

Going on a date is fun and exciting, and if you want to try something a bit different rather than your classic dinner and drinks, you’re in the right place!

We’re introducing some fun and healthy date ideas if you live in London, whether you want a chilled first date or a healthier option for you and your new partner you may have found through online dating.

These choices all make a great first date, as the pressure of a sit-down date is taken away so you can just get to know each other without the pressure!

We’ve got something for everyone on this list, so prepare to be inspired!

1. Puppy Yoga

puppy-yoga-as-fun-date-idea-if-you-live-in-londonIf you’re going on a date with a dog lover, then puppy yoga is a must-have! There are so many puppy yoga classes across the city (some that also involve prosecco), where you can turn up, play with adorable puppies, do a bit of yoga and get to know each other in an informal environment.

For a cute outfit, throw on one of your favourite gym crop tops and leggings, ones that you don’t mind getting a bit of fur on! You could go for a healthy brunch and smoothie afterwards for some one-on-one time. This is such a fun and different date that you should definitely try at least once if you’re a dog lover!

2. Walk and Picnic In Hyde Park

picnic-in-hyde-park-as-healthy-date-idea-if-you-live-in-londonNext up we have a classic healthy date idea, a walk and picnic in Hyde Park! On a nice day, Hyde Park is absolutely beautiful and there are so many stunning spots where you can stop for a picnic. Pack yourself some healthy foods, including fresh fruits, pasta salads and smoothies, then set down your picnic blanket and enjoy! If you’re not used to walking around Hyde Park, there are some really good free self-guided walks available online, so you get to make the most of the beauty Hyde Park has to offer and you don’t miss anything! This is the perfect opportunity to put on your favourite streetwear for a comfy yet fashionable look.

The Rose Garden is a beautiful place (why not pack some Pimms!) for your picnic or stop by the Princess of Wales Memorial Fountain for a super relaxing atmosphere. Have a walk around and stop where it feels right! Exploring Hyde Park on a beautiful day with a few snacks and drinks is such a great healthy date idea if you’re in London.

3. Get a Taste for Each other at a Farmers Market

get-a-taste-for-each-other-as-date-idea-if-you-live-in-londonAnother wonderful date idea is to head to a farmers’ market together! There are so many great ones in London, including the Venn Street Market, Notting Hill Farmers Market, the Islington Farmers Market, and the Marylebone Farmers Market. You’ll find endless supplies of the freshest, most local fruits and vegetables, meats, bakes, and cakes that are irresistible. Plus, you’ll be supporting local businesses which is always a fantastic thing.

Head along and get some fresh produce and then you can take it back home with you to make a delicious, healthy meal made from the freshest local produce! One great recipe idea that you can’t go wrong with is to buy lots of fresh vegetables and herbs, then roast them in a baking tray with some olive oil, salt, and pepper. Add your favourite protein (chicken, beans, tofu etc.) and enjoy! Don’t forget to pick up a treat for dessert (some fresh strawberries and cream is our personal favourite). This is such a healthy and delicious meal, plus it tastes so much better when it’s all local.

4. Get Cultural at a Museum Date

get-cultural-at-a-museum-date-if-you-live-in-londonIf learning is your thing, then you can’t go wrong with a museum date. There are so many great museums all around London, and when you visit a few in a day, you’d be surprised at how many steps you get in! If you’re quite shy on first dates, this is a great choice, as there is so much to talk about in and around the museums so that the pressure is taken away and you can just get to know the person more naturally.

Head to a healthy brunch place between museum visits to give your legs a rest! In terms of where you can head, the British Museum, Victoria and Albert Museum, Imperial War Museum, Natural History Museum, and the Tate Modern are all fantastic museums that are mostly free.

5. Get physical with Outdoor Water Sports

get-physical-with-outdoor-water-sports-if-you-live-in-londonFor something a bit different, there are plenty of docklands all around the city that offer a range of watersports! You could try a speed boat adventure, kayaking, paddle boarding, outdoor swimming, and rowing, your options are endless. This is something very different, so if you’re both into your healthy and active lifestyle, then it can be a really great choice. Just make sure that your date is on the same page with this, as outdoor watersports in cold water certainly aren’t for the faint-hearted. But there are plenty of beaches and seaside towns near London to explore in any weather.

And with these unique London date ideas, you should be on your way to an entertaining meetup, no matter the outcome.

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