What is Directory Submission


What is meant by Directory Submissions?

Before understanding directory submission, you need to know about the basic things about directory submission.

Let’s see some examples so that you can able to learn easily. Take online directory” Google” as an example, from the very beginning Google was not there to search for information, people used to go on web directories to search for all the information. There are many top business listing sites that you can use for directory submissions as it helps to create backlinks for websites. This helps in SEO, especially for local business sites. Therefore, Web directories are the source of useful resources.

Directory Submission is called as submitting your website URL on different directories to create backlinks. Directory submission is related to off-page search engine optimization.  That helps to optimize your page in these directories. Directory submission that takes the URL and its deals on the web under a particular category. There are many categories in which you can submit your website. Let’s take “Business” as an example. If your website is related to Business, then you need to submit your website under the “Business” category. When you import to the category that will help you to get the backlinks for your website.

If you, for example, looking for Indian business directories to list an Indian business website details, there are so many Indian business directories there and it helps to find other contact information for individuals, names, addresses, organizations, and businesses. The same applies to London Business directories.

Types of  Directory Submission

Directory submission has three types. Let’s see a brief explanation about Directory Submission.

Featured web listing or paid web listing

list of directory submission

This is one of the types of directory submission. This is the paid one and it takes the charge for submission. It will be approved in 24 hours or some moments. This will help to create the backlink for your website. Some of the websites offer these types of packages for their lifetime or yearly.

Regular web listing or Free web listing

It is one of the free directory submissions types. It will not collect charges for submission. It takes time but there is no guarantee of the website, it will getting approved by the administrator.

Reciprocal Regular Web listing

When you active the directory link, a reciprocal link must be submitted to your website. It will happen only the directory submission will approve your website link.

Benefits of Directory Submission in SEO

directory submission

  • That will helps to improve or increase your backlinks for your website.
  • Then directory submission will improve your brand name or value for your website.
  • Then it will improve the domain authority of your website.
  • Then it helps to promote your website at a cost of two manners.
  • It helps to improve the products or services closure to the customers.

Importance of Directory Submission

Directory Submission Is the basic aspect of Off-Page optimization that will helps in doing search engine optimization.  Directory submission will help to bring the traffic for your website and that will help to get high-quality backlinks for your website. Directory Submission helps to increase your page rank in the search engine result page. When people are new to start doing blogging, directory submission is a must for them to grow their website into ranking and blog submitting your URL to web directories.

Methods for directory submission

directory submission sites

For submitting the website in directory submission, you have to concentrate on the main keyword as a category that you want to submit. Search and research which is the best one bout the directories which are suitable for your website. Choose your particular category for your blog or website or insert your blog URL.

Directory Submission sites






What is Directory Submission?

Directory submission is known as submitting your website URL and the details about the website on the web in a directory under a separate category. This will help you to improve your link building. Directory submission is off-Page related activity.

What are the benefits of directory submission in Search Engine Optimization?

When you submit your website URL on web directories they allow you to enter a site title. Here the website title is different from your website URL. This generates search engine optimization anchor text for you. It helps you to improve your search engine ranking for your website.

Why we do directory submissions in SEO?

Directory submission will increase the website indexing by getting backlinks from the top web directories. These backlinks help to maximize the chances of your keyword ranking in search engine and it increases the traffic of our website, builds the page rank and domain authority.

How do I create a directory submission for my website?

You can search and research about the directories which one is best and suitable for your website. Before you submit your website or insert your blog URL or a blog find a particular category where you have to submit a link.

What is the use of directory submission in Search Engine Optimization?

Directory submission is the process of submitting your website URL on different web business listings or business directories. That helps to create a backlink for your website. Backlinks will help to get rank in search engines for your website.

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