Comparison: Black Hat vs White Hat optimization

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What is the  difference in white hat SEO and black hat SEO

There are four main types of search engine optimization they are black hat SEO, white hat SEO, grey hat SEO, and negative SEO. These all types of SEO helping you to earn greater visibility in the search engine result page. Here we are going to see the difference between black hat and white hat.

What is white hat SEO?

black hat seo vs white hat seo

White hat is related to search engine optimization that is completely different from black hat SEO. White hat help to increase the search engine ranking on a search engine result page. While maintaining the white hat SEO, the integrity of your websites and staying within the search engines terms of services.

Examples of white hat SEO:

  • Offering high-quality content and services for your website
  • Mobile-friendly and fast website loading times
  • Keyword-rich Meta tags and description
  • Easy to navigate your website
  • Write useful and relevant content to a user who is searching in the search engine for getting information
  • Have to find what the user is looking for and need to optimize the content on your website.
  • Promote your content in social media

What is black hat SEO?

what is black hat

Black hat search engine optimization is commonly defined as an unapproved practice that will never help to get high rank in the Google search engine result page. If we use black hat SEO for our website the Google’s have some terms and condition that will ban your website form the search engine and affiliate websites.

Example of black hat SEO:

  • Keyword hiding or stuffing – eg: white background or white text
  • Plagiarism
  • Citations that are purchased and backlinks, bartered for vs earned
  • Lots of same and similar pages only sight different content which is called as doorway pages
  • Search engine visitors and different content is shown to the people is known as cloaking
  • Not enough content on the page to be useful called thin content
  • Private blog networks

white hat SEO vs black hat SEO 

Difference between black hat and white hat

Black hat SEO

Black hat is the short cut where you want to go faster on the top by going against Google guidelines. Black hat SEO is also called out in the guidelines as things you should not do. Black hat risk carries your website or content in the risk way if Google will catch, they will ban from search results or demoted Google updates its ranking algorithm.

White hat SEO

White hat is the webmaster guidelines, it takes usually longer and cost more to implement.  White hat SEO carried the less risk, most reputable search engine optimization and content marketing companies use white hat SEO tools and techniques.

What are Google Guidelines?

what is white hat seo

Google considers both the white hat SEO and black hat SEO. This will help to tell what will rank in the search engines and what will get hurt in the search engines. Google guidelines will take serious on online publication websites and support websites that layout generally, quality, basic, and specific statements about what you should not do and what should do when building, designing, maintaining your website, and promoting. Many of the details and examples were provided by Google’s Guidelines.

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